I am 40, have a job I love, and live in a town full of stupid drivers and moronic people.

So, when I can, I like to sit back, drink a beer, listen to some good music, watch a video and have a laugh, come join me.


24 Reasons why hockey and hockey players are awesome. - Imgur

and this is yet another reason hockey is the best sport in the world.

[Official Video] Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix (by PTXofficial)

Made me smile.

The TSA’s 12 Banned Items of Christmas (by ReasonTV)

Greetings from Chuck (The epic christmas split) (by Valentin Bajkov)

Good Idea Tim

Ó¿Ò  This guy does not need to breed.  How is this possible, to be so fucking stupid?

46 and 2 by Tool / Presented by Aaron O’Keefe (by Aaron Okeefe)

Good job!